Hi, though this is not a "linguistic" question, I would like to ask if anybody knows about the websites where I can find law of the Republic of Serbia in force. I am resolving a case concerning the sale of goods where the Seller was a Serbian company and the decisive law in this matter is Serbian. I would like to check the basic concepts of the law of contracts and corporate law in Serbia to compare it with the Slovak legal system. It would be probably bold to expect that there are English translations of the basic acts...[:^)]
As far as I am concerned, the Serbian legal system is a member of so-called Continental (European) legal tradition based on the Roman Law. For this reason, there should be a kind of Civil Code enacted here. Can anybody help me?

P.S.: At least, I will examine whether this Forum is really international Emotion: wink
Thanks Feebs, you're great!
At least, it's something, though not exactly what I've been looking for