Please have a look at this:

''You need to gather your senior people around you, get their best thinking on the issues facing the company, and develop a solution that not only addresses the crisis of the moment but sets a course to take the company through the tough times"

What does 'sets a course' mean?

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The underlying literal meaning of 'set a course' is this.

eg You are the Captain of a ship. You look at your chart, and decide that the course should be North-West. That's the direction your ship will go in.

Your business example is a figurative use of the expression.

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The whole paragraph means that there are certains issues facing the company which are impeding the operation of the company. You need to gather the senior staff to brainstorm for a solution to resolve these issues, and plan a strategic direction. Set a couse means just that.
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A "course", on a square rigged ship, is the lowest (and greatest surface area) sail on a mast. "Setting a course" means opening that sail up to catch the wind, propelling the ship, and thus, if you're setting a course, you're providing that force for moving forward in whatever journey you're setting out on.

Hooray for sailing!

In modern terms then, a mainsail is also a course or is it whichever sail is the largest sail at any given time?

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