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Hi Maj,

thanks for the words - 'lovely poet'.

you know maj, i have observed, when our(my) mood is some what downward, i tend to pour my mood out on the paper, and by doing this, i spare my people from gun shots !!!!!!

may be that is the reason why i cannot maintain consistency in my writing. tend to de route.

thanks once again.

and by the way deepa you are most welcome on the forum. 'kem cho, saaru chene, chalo awajo'

so my gujarathi is not bad afterall!!! thanks sur for the lovely welcome , in which place do you reside in gujrath? i was in Baruch and Ankleshwar. i miss those places a lot. i hope to see it again someday.
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though i am from Gujarat/Kutch, i am in mumbai - well, u can meet me and my son, of course in photo section -. and can get to know from the story i have posted in short story.
Bharuch and Ankleshwar - i have heared about it but not seen yet for that matter i am yet to see whole of gujarat. born and brought up in mumbai so obviously more of 'mumbaikar' then 'gujju'.


oh i see , so you are in mumbai! been to mumbai also, nice place. its nice talking to you. i like subjects like philosophy and psycology though i am a life science student! all your topics were revolving around life! i would love to read more of such topics from you. keep writing.
wishes to anirudh
what book is this from? You must give credit when you quote. Please send answer to Email Removed.
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I love your science subjects as well.

I wish i knew the author of these 'important lessons', as i have already mentioned "while flipping thru pages of a book came accross the 'seven important lessons of life' and felt like sharing it with you all. " well, if you know "Guest", please let us know who is the author of these lessons.

Thanks and by the way, i prefer the forum to answer then mailing it to the mail-id given.

Awesome message dude, lov the 'six important words, five important words...' keep it up!!!
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Very nice. Gets you thinking about what you do and what you ought to do.
~Hosanna Escalante
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