while flipping thru pages of a book came accross the 'seven important lessons of life' and felt like sharing it with you all.



seven important lessons in life:

1. Shoot for the moon.......
even if you miss,
you’ll be among the stars.

2Watch your thoughts ; they become words
watch your words; they become habits
watch your habits; they become characters
watch your character; it becomes your DESTINY

3. A short course in Human Relations :
The six most important words are: “I admit I made a mistake”
The five most important words are: “ You did a good job”
The four most important words are “ What is your opinion”
The three most important words are: “ If you please”
The two most important words are: “ Thank you”
The one most important words are: “ We”
The least important word is : “I”

4. Lots of people want to ride with you
in the limo, but what you want is someone
who will take the bus with you
when the limo breaks down.

5. Make all your friends feel that there’s something special in them.

6.Success comes before work
only in the dictionery.

7. During the devastating earthquakes in Kobe
Japan, an American newscaster did a short piece
on a Japanese woman who set up a makeshift
store out of boxes selling flashlights and batteries.
When the commentator asked why she wasn’t
selling these essential items for more than the
regular price, the woman answered,
“ Why would I want to profit from someone
else’s suffering?”

but what we are doing ? we put guns on someone else's sholder and fire a shot !!!!!
if we all realise other's suffering then there won't be any iraq or there won't be any kashmir wars. but after all we are the 'most intelligent species ever walked or lived in the universe !!!!'
not necessary that every one should agree with me.................

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very cool Emotion: big smile
Thanks for these lessons. I like these types of things.
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me, too.
me 3 !! yep really very nice!!
me 4 2.
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lol. maj what important lesson you have learnt in life?
I am a great student! My seven lessons today:

1.I shoot for the moon and i end up on a cloud.
2.Time is a luxury.
3.It feels good to feel alive. Everybody needs to live their own lives.
4.Flowers make one's day.
5.Don't worry be happy, at least there is someone in this universe who understands you really are.
6.Do something every day that makes somebody feel better and give a helping hand to those in need.
7.The sea is grey on a rainy day. Improvement needs nuances for the senses.

I know, not very ambitious. Sur you are a lovely poet. I hope my seven lessons will better tomorrow.
that was awesome!
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