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Na!tSageS wrote- "Personally I don't think much of teens who have a child and can therefore neither get a good education/job nor properly care for their baby." So you claim to be a responsible adult but what about the "responsible" teenagers who used condoms but they broke? So you shouldnt look down at a teen wit a baby becuz you dont kno their situation, they could have been "responsible" like you and used a condom, it just wasnt 100% effective-which is a fact about condoms.....as they say the best contraceptive IS NO SEX.......and if u haven't figured it out im pro- abstinence b4 marriage

tHe BlAcK gUy
humans are natural animals if you don't know by now and thats why youngsters in the process of learning fight the most powerful natural (six sense) act that is a problem in the laws that we have laid.......think-about-it
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sex before marrige, i am sure!!!

Have you ever heard of 'try before you buy'. People have perceptions of what they think sex will be like with someone. But untill you actually do it you have no idea! Sex is a big part of marrige and it is vital that you experience it with the person before you vow to be doing it with them for the rest of your lives!!! Also, i am ashamed of the people who classed homosexuals as 'peverted'. No one can help who they are attracted to. If i were to point out a random person on the steet and tell you to be attracted to them, it doesn't mean that you will be. There is absolutrly nothing wrong with gay people, and they should be treated with then same respect as everybody else!
FrozenSmileBesides, I don't want to marry some guy and then find out on our honeymoon that my dear husband is absolutely rubbish in bed.

AnonymousHave you ever heard of 'try before you buy'. People have perceptions of what they think sex will be like with someone. But until you actually do it you have no idea!

I used to think like that too...until I fell in love. But now I could never in a million years imagine giving up my soul mate just because we weren't "sexually compatible" or whatever. I think that's a really immature way of thinking about a relationship. And as we all know, nobody's perfect...you'll always find some defect or another in the person, but if there is love, you can't just give up on them because they're not perfect, which you're not either, by the way.

Like The_Star pointed out, sex is a very small part of marriage, and also, good communication is the key to a healthy relationship, so just because someone starts out to be bad, you discuss these things with your partner and try to please eachother more.
At the moment i am trying to clear my head and reach a firm educated opinion on this. I am a Christian because i strongly believe in God and i want to live by Jesus's rules, but the sex before marriage thing is really troubling me. I had sex at 16, and the actual sex was the most amazing, beautiful thing i have ever encountered. It happened pretty soon at the beginning of the realationship, but i felt wholly in absolute love with the guy, i couldn't have loved him more if i tried. The realtionship soon went right downhill and i was unhappy however i stayed with him most probably because of my low self-esteem and because i was absolutely addicted to the intimacy we had together-i was probably just very emotionally needy. It's because of this i think that the way i had sex was unhealthy, it made things so much more complicated and deeper, when i shud def. have waited until i knew him better. however i dont mind admitting that i have a high sex drive and the thought of waiting until marriage is depressing. I think its a nice idea, but what if, like a lot of people, u dont meet the right man and get married until ur 35 or something-thats a loooooong time to wait and a lot to miss out on. ur sex drive wud not just go away and theres no denying u would have to find other ways to take away the constant need. what if u never realy met ur ideal partner, would that condemn you to a life time of sexual repression, never getting to experience sex just because through no fault of yur own, the right man has just never come along? surely marrying a half decent man that comes along just to prevent this misery and enable you to have sinless sex would just be the ultimate in hypocrisy? We cannot deny out animal insticts and why should we all have to suppress it for up to half our lives? What is the point? I do not agree with abortion or the pill but i believe that with the inscrupulous devotion to ensuring u are using condoms properly, surely sex can be a healthy part of a relationship, providing you love and respect eachother . But then again i don't no, christians are so certain is their beliefs that i can't help but feel i am still sinning by even saying all this. please reply
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Hi anon,

That is one you will have to work out for yourself I'm afraid. I don't personally believe there is anything wrong with sex before marriage, but if it conflicts with your religious beliefs you need to find a solution that will bring you peace of mind. Can you ask anyone at your church for advice about this?
Hi many a conversation has been held on the subject of the problems of "sex before marriage". if you think that this can be problematic, I have another point for discussion, what about "sex after marriage". Now there's an interesting topic!!

Why don't you register, and state your own views on the matter, Anon?
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i dont know really, so what is it that makes u feel there is nothing wrong with it-have u researched christianity at all or whatever?
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