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Maybe sex before marraige is a good idea. And many have argued that you should wait until you are married to have sex because you will be in love. But who is to say that just because you are married you are in love? Also if a woman is 35 and has never been married can she have sex? Her anatomy will surely have developed at this stage and time is ticking(biologically) on her having that baby she has always wanted. I think that sex before marraige is fine. However(as with everything) there are certain circumstances in which it isnt, as people have already outlined.
Thats nearly impossible. Waiting for marriage is the right thing to do, but if sex is thrown at you all the time from extremely fine chicks then.........well you get the point im sure.
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The only important thing about sex is that if you don't want to have a baby or you don't want to catch a disease, you should use a condom. Apart from this, I can't see any problem with having sex before marriage. I don't even think it is so important to have sex with the person you think you are going to spend the rest of your life with, sex for fun is sometimes also good, as long as it is what you want. Sex is something beautiful, I don't think there's nothing wrong in it.

Don't get influenced by other people, if you feel like having sex go ahead, but if you think you are not ready yet, don't do it. Remember it's your body so it's your decision.
It is depend on your opinion, your culture environment,and your sexual companion's opinion.But the common bottom line is to do no harm to everyone.And the best thing is you can enjoy each other.
Hey Blue clown,

I'm 21 years old, Catholic and Asian. Shy? No. Sex? Yes. And you know what? I am now re thinking about my past sins. I have been reading and researching about 'sex before marriage' and ultimately have come to a conclusion that it is the strength of personal and spiritual belief that one can conquer this act done by millions of all ages in all countries. I now believe the man/woman who can save him/herself until marriage will be rewarded throughout life and after. I cannot say that I regrett my actions, but I do wish that I tried alot harder to remain a virgin. But good luck to you. I think and hope you make the right decision.
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gosh , sex seems like its pretty much the best thing that this world knows--why would you want to just waste it on a night that you just feel like doing it. yeah, it does take some discipline and it might be pretty hard, but aren't all good things worth the wait? Don't you want that marriage night with the person you're so in love with to be the most special night of your life? i know i want it to be.
Finally a teenage guy who agrees with abstinence or is at least thinking about it. So many people my age don't care to think things like this through and can act impulsively and not think about the consequences of something like this. Here are my arguments against sex before marriage.

Firstly, wearing condoms does not always prevent STD's or pregnancies. Abstinence until marriage is always best in preventing that.

Before deciding on whether or not to have sex before marriage, it is also good to look at the very important, but often overlooked, emotional aspects of it.

I don't believe there is such thing as "casual sex" because in my opinion, its not just "animal instinct," it involves matters of the heart. There's really nothing casual about it. It's an incredibly emotionally intimate act. Although I don't speak from experience, many people say it's a kind of intimacy that ties two people very close together in a strong emotional bond. When people change from partner to partner, it will consequently break someone's heart.

Even if two people are committed to each other and love each other, sex before marriage would seem like and unsettling and unstable decision. Without the commitment of marriage, I've heard that it can be emotionally unsatisfying. I would imagine that even subconciously knowing that the person could leave at any moment would be scary. Even if your sure they love you, are you really sure you're going to end up with them?

As for marrying a virgin. If you are both virgins, than you have no one to compare to. No past relationships that come to mind, or worrying about if you or your spouse had practice because you have each other to learn from.

Finally, I think that it is the ultimate act of love in a relationship is proving your willing to wait, to me that is expression of love.

I'm sorry for making this so long, and I don't know if anyone will bother to read it, but I have to state my mind.

And props to blueclown, there are too many teenage guys who want to take advantage of every girl who comes along. It's rare, but many girls appreciate that quality. (Obviously) I hope you choose abstinence until marriage, but I hope that my opinion and information will be helpful in your decision.
yeah it hot topic i dont want to talk more just i wanna say that It is all depend on time
situation and desire so if u like to do before or after it does not a matter it is a state of mind
so go ahead as your heart say but at right way ............. so that it does not harm u as well as she.Emotion: whisper
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Hi, According to me on any situation or at any cause sex before marriage is a great evil. Having sex even with one who u are going to marry is a wrong one. So i think i am correct.

I know a boy who had sex with a girl at an young age . Then he made it in progress and he continued to do it. But after some months he could not concentrate on any of his studies and he is now working as a child labour in a dress shop. So be aware of it.
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