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Anonymous 'try before you buy'.

If you treat humans, their bodies, and their feelings as commidity, I can't say anything. It is really terrible[N]

I didn't read all topic, but I think sex is component part of love and were there is thruth love, there is God, and if you are clear about you feelings, God is with you and no matter when you will marrage this person in front of people, sistem, church ect
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BlueclownWell , I don't know if it is too early for a 17-year old boy to talk about this problem . But I know that some teenagers do that when they are younger than me . If the moderator thinks that this topic is unsuitable , you can delete it straight forward . This topic may be the difference between the culture of each continent and may cause plenty of argument. I think asian are very shy in this problem . but european are not . But what will happen if we are too young . Our anatomies are not ready for that . And young people often have impulsive thought that they don't really understand . I think we should wait till marriage . And that will be the challenge for people who are too hurried.
Apologies if this has already been covered - I haven't got time to read through all the replies. You need to remember that sex will play quite a big part in your marriage. If you marry someone and then afterwards realise that as much as everything else in your relationship is great, you don't actually enjoy having sex with each other, or one of you doesn't enjoy it, then your marriage is doomed. Sex is more that simply a physical act. Therefore, it is important that you and your partner actually enjoy having sex with each other. As you head towards marriage you are becoming sure that you and your partner are compatible in many other ways - sex is no different. You need to be sexually compatible with your partner if your marriage is to work. I think it would be unwise to wait until you are married to find out.
you are all talking about marriage, if one dont want to marry in his life , shouldnt he have sex all his life ?
I think there are two question here: Should you have sex before you're married? and Should you have sex when you're young?

After all, there are thirty-year olds who are unmarried yet I doubt anyone would say that they shouldn't have sex because they're emotionally unprepared for it.
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"Besides, I don't want to marry some guy and then find out on our honeymoon that my dear husband is absolutely rubbish in bed."

that shouldnt matter, if you marry someone, its because you love them, and if you love them it ishould be for who they are, not how they are in bed.
The phrase "sex before marriage ' is a contradiction in itsef!as if you think you are entitled to have sex without any sacred bond and code then why should you confine yourself to the burden of mariage!Morals are in the basic form are fore , the first three one which are : truthfulnesss, nonstealing, and no harm , are all understood and i think no one would disagree with , but the last one with is virginity before marriage _which not in my opinion only , but all the religions_should not be any disagreement about it, because first of all sex is for the survival of the specy not for pleaure.For example , in the Islam there is no such things as girld friend and boy friend, we consider it a shame to have friendhip for lust and and fleshy desires. Friendship is for sublime goals and highly soaring aims.After all man shoud be mature enough to pick his way twards perfection, realizing that temporary desires are only items for those who do not see any horizon further the material world. Sex before marige causes many to be brought up with out knowing their parents, or one of them ,and that is enough to destroy a whole intelligent life.
Practise makes Perfect.

"an ounce of practise is worth more than a ton of theory". .
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Ahmedali111Sex before marige causes many to be brought up with out knowing their parents,
War, accidents and disease cause many to be brought up without knowing their parents.
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