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In my opinion there is nothing wrong having sex before marriage as long as two people are willingly doing and using protection. If two people will have safe sex then kids wouldnot be brought up without knowing their parents.
on this topic, i am having an internal confict at the moment, and have been for a while. My fiance` and i have been together for nearly 7 years and are practicing sex. As a christian i believe this is wrong and should wait until we get married (next year) - as Anonymus said previously, because marriage should not be based on sex - this is just one aspect of marriage not all of it (there exist other things which are more important such as trust, companionship, understantanding etc) but cant actually sort out how we can do away without it since now it has become a frequent practice.

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We have our own opinions and choices in life.Whatever your choice is freely do it.I'm not old fashion but my choice is to make love to the man I'm going to marry.I know that if man loves me he will preserve me and he will respect me.There is nothing wrong having sex i think we should know the consequences of doing it.
I can go along with you in saying that it is not too early for a boy of 17 years old to talk about this sensative kind of matters . I am a muslim in a conservative country like Mauritania . people would not say what I have already said. Generally speaking , nations differ in their customs , cultural norms and this is due to the philosophy they embrace. In my country this matter is a red line no one can oppose it but might step over it secresly.
i am against to sex after marriage.
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Well,I don't think the point is wether to be safe or not.Consequences are important,of course,but the value of chastity itself is more important than the consequences you may suffer.I belive the noble thing is not to have sex before marriage because you respect yourself and the most intimate thing you can offer.You cannot give this precious thing-the pure expression of your deepest love-just to anyone.It's like being a towel that everybody uses.Making love with the one that means the world to you must be wonderful,but how can you be sure he or she deserves this gift?If you consider that person good enough to be your life companion,then he or she deserves to receive this form of affection.Anyway,maturity is necesary not only phisicaly speaking,but because when we are young our body is developing and the desires may be extremely powerful so we may think that what we feel is love,atraction for someone,but may be only hormones,something that it won't last after satisfying that need.Isn't it animal like?But most important of all is God's oppinion.Unfortunately people beliving in evolution don't take into consideration the fact that the Bible is not only talking about God,but it also provide high principals that are effective for everybody.Not making sex before marriage isn't an old fashioned conception,but is a good piece of advice from our Creator that knows us the best and wants us to enjoy life.God is not affected in any way by the fact that we make love or not before marriage.It's in our interest to mantain our self esteem and to give the one we love the purest evidence of our commitment.CONCLUSION:SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE MEANS SELFISHNESS AND A POOR SELF ESTEEM,LACK OF SELF CONTROL.IF YOU BELIVE YOU ARE MATURE ENOUGH TO HAVE SEX AND IF YOU DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE SO MUCH THAT PERSON,WHY NOT MARRY HIM/HER?