What is implied by the title Shades of blue on the following picture?


What is it?

eg a CD cover?

eg a video game?

eg just a picture you found? Where?

This is a screenshot from the animation The Batman. On the picture is a new detective who

always wears these sunglasses and The Joker nicknames him Detective Shades. But this screen is a joke

The Joker pulles on the detective. In this episode The Joker takes over Gotham's TV air and launches his own

reality show and here his star is Detective Shades as he calles him.

So I get the Shades part (in Shades of Blue). It's obviously the glasses. But what has the color blue got to do with all of this?
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Is it not that the shades are blue-tinted?

And that there is a pun - for example - on blues music which can sometimes make people feel sorrowful?

He is wearing shades of blue and looks like he intends to cause one or two people "Shades of Blue"!


I was thinking of Miles Davis, but his album is called "Kind of Blue" (1959)

But I think the idea is the same, and Miles' jazz album would have been popular around the time that Batman joined the Justice League (apparently!)

Thanks, dave_anon!
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