Hi guys

i got an email and this is what was written...

We assure you that all possible care shall be taken from our end.

I think it should be 'We shall assure you that all possible care will be taken from our end'

Guys please check


"Shall" is not used very much anymore, being almost completely replaced by "will" . Below are some "usage notes" from the dictionary: The original statement conforms better to the usage rules; "shall" being a statement of promise or determination that they will provide care. "Assure" is in the present tense which is correct. (They are assuring you now, not sometime in the future.)

The traditional rule of usage guides dates from the 17th century and says that to denote future time shall is used in the first person (I shall leave. We shall go) and will in all other persons (You will be there, won't you? He will drive us to the airport. They will not be at the meeting). The rule continues that to express determination, will is used in the first person (We will win the battle) and shall in the other two persons (You shall not bully us. They shall not pass). Whether this rule was ever widely observed is doubtful. Today, will is used overwhelmingly in all three persons and in all types of speech and writing both for the simple future and to express determination. Shall has some use in all persons, chiefly in formal writing or speaking, to express determination: I shall return. We shall overcome. Shall also occurs in the language of laws and directives: All visitors shall observe posted regulations. Most educated native users of American English do not follow the textbook rule in making a choice between shall and will.
Rahul2689We assure you that all possible care will (WILL/SHALL) be taken from our end.
It doesn't matter which you use. Most people would choose will, but shall means the same thing.

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thank you


shouldnt it be

We assure you that all possible care will (WILL/SHALL) be taken from our end.

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got it

Thank you AlpheccaStars and C J