We wash our hands.
We brush our teeth.
We also wash our faces.
We clean our bodies.
We shampoo our hair or what? (when taking a bath or shower)
What shall we say when we are not using shampoo but soap?

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You can "soap/lather up your hair" whether you use soap or shampoo. For the whole process, including rinse, you can shampoo your hair with soap or shampoo.

- A.
Can I say:

Lather your hair with shampoo and then rinse it out?

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Hi guys,
We clean our bodies. This is correct grammar, but very unidiomatic.

We wash (ourselves).
We take a shower.
We have a bath.
Maybe We wash all over.


Thanks Avangi and Clive
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Sorry to interrrupt. Which of the following is correct?
After soccer practice, they went home and took [a shower/showers].
Both are OK, but I usually hear the singular term. One shower each is easily understood.

Funny thing. I believe I'd say "They all went home to take a shower," not "to take showers," but without the infinitive, I'd say, "They all went home and took showers." I'm not quite comfortable with Clive's version.

Of course if someone planted a concealed microphone, I might be heard to contradict myself.
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