Can we use the word "shapely" with feet or hands?
Her feet are very shapely.

I guess, if you have an idea of what ideal feet look like and hers look like them. I would find it weird that you would even notice the shape of someone's feet.
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Hey I just looked up what shapely feet are on google and this page poped up. I believe this quote was on the 2001 Hannibal movie and I wanted to know what it means.

The reason we're doing it like this,
Clarice, is because I'd like to see you
as we speak. With your eyes open. No,
it doesn't
excite me. Yes, it pleases
me. You have very shapely feet. Where
are we now? Call it out.

Could there possibly be another meaning to it rather than the shape of some ones actual feet? And if you can, please elaborate the meaning of this quote. Thanks,
Hi Tom,
Back in the old days when a woman's dress covered her all the way to the ground, feet were more 'exciting' than they are today. The poets would extol the beauty of a shapely foot or a finely turned ankle. Granted this was probably a polite way of saying they found the rest of the person shapely as well but were too discreet to say so.

In some non-English cultures, small feet are looked upon as a mark of beauty--in a woman at least. So, yes, a foot can be described as shapely. The same could be true of hands but in BrE i have seen it more often as: She had fine hands with long slender fingers.

Best wishes,

Where I live, I've seen some Muslim women werar gloves, to avoid unwelcome attention to their hands.

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