Hello Teachers,

"I don't share his opinion.I'm against what he said.". While you read this sentence, what would you consider the meaning of 'share'? Shall we use 'support' instead of 'share'?. Personally, my mind doesn't accept the word 'support' in this context. Please suggest.
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Instead of "share" you can say "I do not agree with him." This one is much better..
Thanks DJ. Can any other forum gurus further clarify on this?
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Good evening rishonly.

I see that you have relaunched the issue with 'share' and 'support'Emotion: big smile I cannot see what the big difference should be when saying;

I do not support/share his opinion.

If you do not support his opinion, you most likely do not share his opinion either - and the other way round.

Am I right? Jay
Hi X11,

I prefer to get the opinion from experts of this forum on this topic;it is something like moving a case from a lower court to a supreme course to get final judgement :-).
Hi guys,

Here's one small comment.

share an opinion This does not suggest any disagreement. eg Tom shares Mary's opinion about Mexico. They both love it.

support an opinion This suggest to me that there there is some disagreement. eg I know you think Tom is wrong about this, but I suppport his opinion. I am on his side.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks, Clive. In the given context, would you prefer 'share' or 'support'? Somehow, my mind doesn't connect with first sentence with the second sentence when 'share' is used.
I see what you mean Clive. Your first example does not suggest any disagreement, but what about the original one: I do not share his opinion. Here disagreement occurs.

Furthermore, when speaking of support there does not have to be an disagreement. E.g. I was in favour of both proposals but in the end I ended up only supporting one of them as I had to chose.

Hmm I see rishonly that you do not consider me an expert on this subjectEmotion: big smile

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