Yesterday, I found a good, useful ESL site for English beginner. the site as below;


In here, you can find some podcast which is the definition of some episoder. it's composed by 3 parts, the first part is a dialog which speed is slow to the English beginner could understand easily, the sencond part is the definition about the dialog, and the last part is the normal speed speech of dialog. it's very useful to the beginner who want to improve his listening and vocabulary bothly. Also, you can study about the culture of American, because there are so many kinds of topic in here.

Hereon, I pronounced that I did not want to advertisement of this site, I just want to share the useful site of ESL to all of us, I hope all of us can improve our English well and quickly for communication with others.... also I hope I can help others in any ways.
dear friend i tried the above link but it didn't work. so please give the correct one
thanks in advance