"Could you share with us your comments on this matter?"

If I move 'with us' at the end of the sentence, does it make no sense?

"Could you share your comments on this matter with us?"

Many thanks for your help in advance.

I believe that putting 'with us' at the end would be preferred.
Hello Candy

It makes sense. But I prefer to put the objective noun phrase at the end when it is too long.
(o) Could you share with us the precious heritage of the great liturgy bequeathed to us by our fathers in faith?
(x) Could you share the precious heritage of the great liturgy bequeathed to us by our fathers in faith with us?

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Hi there,

Many thanks for answering my question, Vorpar and Paco. Emotion: smile

Ah....so it does make sense! Thanks.

Emotion: thinking

With Paco's explanation I can see that when an objective(phrase) is too long 'with sb' should be moved at the end, but what about my example sentences here?

Is the objective 'your comments on this matter' considered a 'too long' one?

Vorpar prefers 'with us' at the end of sentence in this case. Hmm....

Which sentence sounds more natural, 'with us' after the verb 'share' or 'with us' at the end?

Or can I just take my pick?

Thanks again. Emotion: smile
Hello Candy

I personally would like to put "with us" before "your comments on this matter". But I think either would be easy to read.
Hi Paco,

Thanks for your reply.

Either way, it's okay. Emotion: smile I see, thanks again!
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I agree with Paco. Your sentence is about as long as it can be before the option goes away.