Hi, I'm really confused about the correct word order in sentences with 'have to':
Which one is correct?
  • She ALWAYS has to hurry in the morning.
  • She has ALWAYS to hurry in the morning.
And, by the way, 'She must always hurry in the morning' would also be correct, right?


I'd say "she always has to hurry"

As to the comparison with "must", I don't think they have exactly the same meaning, but wait for a native's opinion.
Hello Anon

ALWAYS comes after the auxiliary adverb and before the main verb.
She ALWAYS has to hurry in the morning.
She must ALWAYS hurry in the morning.

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You can even expand that to "Frequency adverbs come after the auxiliary and before the main verb".

always, sometimes, never, usually, rarely, frequently, almost always, hardly ever

(But not "once in a while", "from time to time", and 'big phrases' like that! And not typically the ones which give a specific number, like "once", "twice".)

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