Hello! It's kind of a sad poem...something she feels every single night. Hope you guys like it.

Waiting for you comments. Here it goes like...

She wants to sleep but...

When she lies on the bed to sleep,
Pain unlocks the door and seeps
Through the wounded pores and peeps
Into her broken mind and speaks
To her blistered soul that she keeps,
Reminds her of the pain so deep.

Vain strenuous efforts to have some peace,
Distorted dreams give her the creeps,
Snarling darkness emits reek
Of bitter memories, gloomy eyes weep,
Everything looks so hazy and bleak,
Twists her head and makes it reel.

And before she starts to, the word ‘worse’, feel,
Slowly prays again and tries to get some sleep.

seeps, peeps, keeps, etc. - forced rhymes
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Thanks alot Abc .. Keep going Emotion: smile

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Of course this is a beautiful expereince that goes deep in every souls .