I need help defining this word"shnooshnoo"
where does it come from and what does it mean?
help needed...
I've heard it only once - in the cartoon Futurama - as a euphamism for sex.
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seems to have the same meaning as the one mentioned by GG
(see urbandictionary.com)
Well, I think I know what "shnooshnoo" means..

In my language, Arabic language, shnoo means what.. but not in FORMAL Arabic, in the Arabic we use everyday..

so, when we say shnoo shnoo, we ask the person who's talking to repeat what he or she's saying..

I hope that's what you're asking about..

Guess we need the context here.
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wow so that's Arabic?
Thanks Emotion: big smile
shnoo shnoo is a word from the hit tv cartoon futurama meaning sex or four play and having to do with death from sex
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it means sex hvnt u seen futurama? Emotion: stick out tongue
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