Which would you prefer? Shoes this size vs. Shoes of this size
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JungKimWhich would you prefer?
Which would you prefer, JungKim?

I asked you first.Emotion: big smile
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JungKimI asked you first.
Emotion: giggle
No, here, in EnglishForward, we ask for your opinion first. You should give a sincere try first.

Well, I'd have spoken like shoes of this size. Given the two options, however, I'm like 50/50, which is why I am asking in the first place.Emotion: stick out tongue
Shoes of this size.

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The choice depends on the sentence. You cannot just pick a phrase out of context and say it works every time.

I can't wear shoes this size. They are too small.
When I order on-line, I select shoe size 8. Shoes of this size usually fit me very well.
Actually, both are correct. The version with "of " is more formal.
Real estate agent: Houses [of ] this size and condition are hard to find.
Hi AlpheccaStars,
Thanks for your response.
Are you a native speaker of English? No offense, but I just need to know in order to really understand your response.
I understand what you're talking about context being important and all. However, I didn't really realize that the grammaticality of a noun phrase such as shoes (of) this size would be dependent on "context". My apologies if I'm mistaken.
Now I notice in your response that you took out the preposition of when the phrase is used as an object whereas for a subject position you put it back. Is there any reason for that? How would a non-native speaker like myself figure out when to use of and when not to? Please elaborate.
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