Which verb should we use when talking about shaking hands in the past tense?
Ex: I shook hands with Edward. I had shaken hands with Edward.
Both sound a bit awkward to me, as well as "I shaken hands with Edward."
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1. I shook hands with Edward. I don't see anything wrong with this sentence. We use it to talk about a past event.
2. I had shaken hands with Edward. This one certainly has a problem standing alone. To use the past perfect tense, we need to relate it to another past event that came after.
3. I shaken hands with Edward. This one is not correct.
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shook hands is the past tense. I shook hands with Edward.

had shaken is past perfect tense. I had shaken hands with Edward before I shook hands with Steven.
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Thank you for your explanation.
I "shook hands" is simple past tense. If you are planning to say "I have (shaken or shook) hands" that's the difficulty. "I have", (I think) is past historic and you could not, therefore, use "I have shook" hands; however, "I have shaken hands" doesn't quite sound right, and this is the reason that I "Googled" for an answer - I wanted to know. It is probably best to try to re-word the sentence to avoid it, but that's not my style - I want to know! I will have to revert to one of my English grammar books.

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The past participle of 'shake' is 'shaken'.

Simple Past I shook hands . . .

Present Perfect I have shaken hands . . . (There's nothing wrong with saying this.)

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