This has to be the deadliest school killing in American history. 33 dead!
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I would like to express my sincere condolences to all: family, friends, school mates, other students, staff, the community and the greater community for their loss/es. I will open my heart to let my good will flow through the cosmos in healing energy... wanting to help you through these moments of suffering.
How awful.

Does anyone else think these things have become a sick competition to see who can commit the worst group shooting and achieve the greatest fame?
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Actually I don't know what to think Nona, these things just leave me speechless and sad Emotion: sad
33? Emotion: surprise Oh, I really don't know what to say! Emotion: sad

Where is the murdered?! Oh, how could he have done it?!
I think we should avoid this tragic situation. Checking carefully the weapons is the shortest way to prevent this terrible killing. One can't kill a lot of people with a small knife. Education plays an important role in this case.In my country, some young people hold a motocycle race and kill a lot of guiltless people. All of us condemn them and their family. Their parents should have responsible to their children.Society, family should have a plan to educate them. And a good example of the people around them about the love and sympathy could change the bad behaviour. Divorce should give children in the miserable life.

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Parents certainly need to teach their children right from wrong, but I'm not sure I'd say that divorced parents can't do this as well as any others.

As more facts come out about this case it seems pretty clear to me (and a lot of other people it seems) that the gun laws in America make such an event very easy.

I'm also starting to have some sympathy for the young man who did this. I know it was a terrible thing. But he was clearly very mentally ill - it was known that he was very mentally ill long before this happened- but nothing was done to effectively deal with this. I don't think he was truly responsible for his actions. Having had a close relative who went through a short period of severe mental illness and behaved very bizarrely (but not violently) and did some highly peculiar things, now he has recovered we know that it wasn't the 'real' him who did those things. He really wasn't himself at all. It was as though his real personality had left his body and something else - the illness - was in control. I can see how some people can believe in possession after witnessing all that. If he hadn't been treated I can't imagine what state he would be in now or what he may have gone on to do, yet before his illness he was a lovely man, and he is a lovely man again. We can't blame him for the effects of his illness any more than we can blame someone with a broken leg for limping!

I do believe that some people are just plain wicked and evil in their actions, deliberately. I don't now think that was the case with this shooting. If that boy had been helped then those people would all still be alive and he would have had a chance to recover and go on to live a normal life.

Just to give you an idea what the "other side" thinks about the gun issue.

By the way, I'd love to see guns banned in America. But there are too many people on the columnist's side.

The Americans are a highly individualistic bunch, so they don't like to tell others what to do with their own lives, even though the individuals in question may not know what is best for themselves. Americans don't like to tell others to eat healthy if they are overweighed, nor do they like to tell others what lives they should live (there're always bossy people of course). And the laws reflect that.

A similar incident happened in my alma mater two/three years ago. A mentally deranged music major killed the professor he was living with. Same issue, same problem.

The question is: At what point should we step in and tell others what to do with their lives?
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