Did you shop last night? (purposful shopping for (a) specific item(s)
Did you go shopping last night? (recreational activity)

Is there a real differnece between (shop verb) and (go shopping phrasal verb)?
They recall me almost same things Magic79 but by saying "did you shop", I expect the other person to say something, at least to count the things he/she bought whereas by "go shopping" the first speaker, I, am not sure if she/he shopped or not. Witht he first question I seem to sound more confident.

Of course these are what I understand. Emotion: smile
Good then Doll, what if the two questions were turned into statements. Would the meaning you implied continue to hold true?

I shopped last night. (I bought a few things)
I went shopping last night. (I am just saying I went to the mall but I have not given any statement as to whether I bought something or not)
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DollI expect the other person to say something, at least to count the things he/she bought
"To shop" doesn't require a purchase. It doesn't even require a visit to shops, only intent.
I agree Huevos but you know women always have expectations.

Magic79, you summarized what I understand.
Shop - is a funny word. Depeding on context, it has varying meanings:

I went car shopping last weekend. = It merely means you went to different dealships to compare models
and prices. Without further context, the mood to the listeners is that I didn't buy a car.

There is no more food in the fridge. I need to do some grocery shoppping after work. Expectation:
I need to restock my fridge and I will do so after work.

I shopped last night- Grammatically isn't wrong. But it sounds odd.
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Thanks Goodman, Doll, and Huevos for lending us your subtle understanding of the English language.
Which shops did you go to?

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