I think may be someone has asked the following question before(though I couldn't find it), fat chance since it's from a famous movie "Jerry Maguire".

So he said "I didn't shoplift the pooty", what the hell is a pooty, a piece of garment women wear? he used "shoplift" so the object in question must be for sale, obviously.

Thank you.
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No idea!

A collection of stolen items is sometimes referred to as "booty," especially when it's stolen by pirates!

Hmm, "pooty" is correct, but a bit gross.

http://video.google.com/videosearch?hl=en&source=hp&q=pooty&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=c6jLSq2YAZGEswPOzLGd... #
'Gross' as it's linking to 'poop'? xD that's what the impression seem when you say 'gross'. How is the meaning 'I didn't steal from stolen goods' linking to 'I didn't take advantage from a divorced woman', the latter is what I've found when I google the meaning for the phase. I just don't know what pooty is, or may be I've heard it wrong, does anyone have a thought about it when you watched the movie. I'm sure a lot of you have watched it.
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A "pooty" is a nickname for the female sexual organ.
Nuthin' gross about that. Bad word choice on my part. Sorry. Can we call it "disrespectful"?

I think you need more context from the movie to let us know what scenario the line fits into. Guesses don't seem to be working.
teeronlinewhat the hell is a pooty, a piece of garment women wear?
No. It would be a part of her body. See below.

Shoplift the Pooty: When a man is nice to the child of a single mother in order to get sex from her.

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it's spelt pootie, and it means to take sex from a women with children without the intent of buying. ie marrying her.
They are referring to Putto which is a representation of a naked child, especially a cherub or a cupid in Renaissance art.The pl is putti.
Pootie: It is an (mostly) African American euphemism for the female genitalia and for the sexual act pertaining to it.
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