Is there a difference between how Amercans and British people call the place where we pay for something we have bought?

In department stores in North America do you say:

a. Pay at the cash desk
b. Pay at the cashier
c. Pay at the counter
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In California, I'd say cashier or register. At a restaurant, I might say counter.
But do you say 'at the cashier'? not "to the cahier?".
and also...'at the register'?
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Right, though you could say "Give money to the cashier."

Pay at the cashier. Pay the cashier.
Pay at the register.
Pay at the counter.

In Canada, I usually just talk about paying at 'the check-out'.

Thanks very much!
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Thank you very Clive!

I was just wondering...is cash desk chiefly BrE?

I don't seem to hear it in Canada.

"Check-out" is also common in California (usually for supermarkets or large pharmacies), though we usually add counter: Check-out counter.
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