This quiz is part of a past paper, which means it appeared in a real exam (in June 2004). It’s Part 1 (Selective cloze) of Paper 3 (Use of English) of the ESOL First Certificate in English (FCE) of the University of Cambridge, taken approximately at the upper-intermediate level.


Shopping malls

Victor Gruen, an American architect, revolutionised shopping in the 1950s by creating the type of shopping centre that we now a shopping mall.
Gruen's was to provide a pleasant shopping environment in the suburbs. This shutting out the noise of the city environment and also enabling people to shop in all kinds of weather. He on using building designs that he knew people would feel with, but placed them in landscaped 'streets' that were entirely enclosed and often covered with a curved glass roof. This was done to some of the older shopping arcades of city centres, but these housed only small speciality shops, Gruen's shopping malls were on a much grander .
Access to the whole shopping mall was gained by using the main doors, which the shopping 'streets' from the parking outside. As there was no need to out bad weather, shops no longer needed windows and doors, and people could wander from shop to shop. The space to build a shopping mall and visit its vast car parks can usually only be found in the suburbs or on the of the city. In many cities, shopping malls now much more than just shops; cinemas, restaurants and other forms of entertainment are also in popularity.
I got one wrong but I scored 14 out of 16 - I don't know why!

I wrote:

"He emphasized on using building designs that he knew people would feel comfortable with...."

The answer here is "He insisted..."

Both options seem acceptable to me.
It is the word 'on' that forces the answer 'insisted [on]' rather than 'emphasized'. 'Emphasized' would have been a better sentence but the word 'on' eliminated that choice.
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That's not true!!

They are not both the same. I have alredy taken all the generals exams and I have done FCE as well. This is a very difficult situation because each answers show a similarity to the other one and to the context. For most of the candidates this is such unfair but that's not true. There is always a different in each word if it is a well done exam. You should read a lot of times the text. I have not read this text but between this two words, without reading the text you now there is a clarly difference. The two words have a different and clearly meaning. Are a native speaker or astudent? Are you a teacher? Have you done any exams? Tell me about you! +1. I don´t think it is a really helpful test! Sorry!