This composition is meant for a child who is in his/her first year at school. Could someone please edit it for me. Thank you very much. Happy New Year.

The dismissal bell rings. Alice goes to the bus stop to wait for her mother to pick her up. She is always waiting for Alice before she reaches the bus stop.

About five minutes later, Alice goes back to her school. She tells one of the teachers that her mother is not here yet. The teacher asks for her mother’s mobile telephone number. She then telephones her.

Her mother tells the teacher that there is a traffic jam She says that she will be at the bus stop in about a minute.

Alice thanks the teacher and leaves for the bus stop. Soon she sees her mother’s car coming. When she has got into the car, her mother apologises to her. Alice says, “It’s all right, Mum.”
Looks fine - but perhaps for a first-year child, this sentence: her mother apologises to her would be better as her mother says sorry.
Hi Feebs11

You're right. The word 'apologises' is too difficult for the little children.

Thanks. I accept your view.