This is a letter to College financial office.

This is really important matter. If I don't get financial aid award then I don't have enough money for school.

Please review it and correct any mistake! thank you so much!


Dear. Officer of student financial aid

My name is ***

I applied for admission in the 2007 spring semester.

About 2weeks ago I received papers, which was you has reviewed my FAFSA information and requesting my parents and my 2005 Faderal Tax Return and W2s.

my question is my mother passed away about 3month ago so my family's financial stuation has been changed,so when I submit Federal tax return and W2s should I write a letter about my situation and attach with them? or do you have specific form that i need to fill out?

my mother used to make more than half of family income if I don't get financial aid award there is no way I can go to school. please advice me what should I do.

Thank you for your advice and assistance.
Hello Anon,

I'm sorry about your mother. That's a tough thing to be dealing with while you also get ready to go to school. I expect you will need a copy of the death certificate, so I included that in this letter. This happens to be a field I'm pretty knowledgeable about, but not your exact situation. I actually recommend that you call the Financial Aid Office rather than writing, and make sure you ask to speak to the DIRECTOR of financial aid, not whatever loan coordinator happens to answer the phone. It won't guarantee that you'll get scholarship money, but you may qualify for additional subsidized loans.


Dear Financial Aid Office, [It shouldn't be hard to find out the name of the person to write to]

My name is ***

I applied for admission for the Spring 2007 semester.

About two weeks ago, I received notification from you that you had reviewed my FAFSA and that you were requesting my parents' and my 2005 federal tax returns and W2s.

However, my concern is that this information no longer presents an accurate picture of my family's finances, because my mother, who earned more than half of family income, passed away about three months ago. Do you have a form or some other way to include this information? Should I send a copy of the death certificate?

I am relying on the financial aid award to go to school, so I am anxiously awaiting your advice and assistance. Thank you.


Hi. Grammar Geek!Thank you so much for you help.

Yes, It's not easy to dealing with my mom's death and school thing at the same time.

I found my Financial Counselor's name and sent an E-mail to him. I think I will wait about 2day for reply then I am planing to visit school Financial Aid office with a copy of my mom's death certificate and all other papers. also I am planing to write a letter about my situation and attach with it. I will post it later. so please read it too.

your comment was exactly waht i was looking for. and very quick! Thanks again.

Thank you so much!