Dominic Garrini got his start in athletics at an early age.

“I always had a burning passion for sports,” Garrini said, with a twinkle in his eyes.

Although Dominic has tried just about every major sport, he chose to focus specifically on wrestling and football at the highschool level, citing the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) as a source of wrestling inspiration.

“I would watch the UFC and be amazed at what these guys were doing. I knew I wanted to be a part of that magic,” Garrini said.

Garrini’s solid wrestling record (22-21) can be largely credited to his heart and determination, which he describes as “second to none.”

And that passion, that fire, is what helped Dominic record his first ever tackle, thus far the highlight of his athletic career, in Hoover’s (1-0) recent win over Dunbar.

But Dominic’s impact can’t be measured by states alone – Dominic considers himself a “hardnosed team leader”, specializing as mentor to the underclassmen.

“Underclassmen need an upperclassmen to teach them what it takes to be a good teammate. … I take it upon myself to set an example,” Garrini said.

Dominic Garrini, player, student and mentor, is living proof that passion can substitute for lack of physical ability.
at high school level,
credited to his courage and determination,

“Underclassmen need an upperclassman

Is "physical ability" the right phrase? He must have some to have become a champion.
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The introduction lacks a little something. Who is this Dominic person? Give us a little more info. in the first paragraph.