- Last night he found a bag full of drugs, he immediately took half of it to the police station and he sold the rest half to drug dealers because he's very short of money at the moment.

- Is this sentence ok to say?

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He sold the other half
He sold the remaining half

You need a full stop after "drugs" and a comma after "dealers."

There's a little detail about the bag (it).
He didn't take half of the bag to the police station, although people might say that. He took half of the drugs, or half of the contents of the bag.
So you should say, "he immediately took half "of them" (not "of it").

The rest is fine.
I think there's at least one more comma missing. Let me post a version incorporating our corrections.

Oops! I found 'them' to sound a little odd, too-- evidently 'bag' and 'drugs' interfere with each other, conceptually. Also, I think you'd have trouble dealing with more than one dealer. How about this?--


Last night he found a bag full of drugs. He immediately took half the bag to the police station, and he sold the other/remaining half to a drug dealer, because he's very short of money at the moment.
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Hi, guys. It seems like there must be a way to express "half a bag of drugs," but I don't know what it is, unaccustomed as I am to dealing drugs. I'm thinking, if he walks into the police station with half the bag, they'll ask him about the other half.

For some reason, I don't have the same problem with half a pocket full of change, or half a tank of gas. Emotion: smile
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Sorry; my mistake. I meant to write 'half the drugs'. Does that help or does it just make it worse? ('Wanna buy half a tab of Owsley?')
Thanks. Wantin' no trouble, siir. Emotion: shake