Hi all,

Am a newbie here....

I'm glad that I've found an english forum like this. This would help improve my english communication when it comes to my writings and conversations.

Anyway, my question is;

what is the past tense and past participle of "feedback"?

Appreciate all your answers.


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Welcome Englishenthusiast to the great world for english enthusiast!
Hello, EE! (if I may shorten your name?)
Well, "feedback" is a noun, so there are no other forms available...
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Anne, does your website(below your name) has your photo or any information about you? Since it is in French, I couldn't understand them.
No, Praveen, as a matter of fact it doesn't.
Since I now live in France, and have many friends in Belgium, I devised the site to keep my friends posted about what's going on here. You'll find pics of my cats (Smoky & Lili), of my daughter (Barbara) and her boyfriend (David), and of my son (Maxime), but nothing about me, I'm afraid! I'm nowhere to be seen!
Oops!Emotion: sad
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Why oops, Praveen? There's no offence!
I'm not the girl with the long hair, I'm her mother, and proud of it!
Here's something about me, but that was about 3 years ago:
I used 'Oops' to express mild disappointment - Have I used it in the correct sense?

I just visited your webiste and glad to see the photo of you clad in red dress. Henceforth, I can have a picture of you in my mind whenever I happen to write you.
"Oops" is used to show you realize you've made a mistake - and optionally that you're sorry for it -. In your case, maybe "Too bad..." might be better Emotion: smile
I also like to be able to visualize the persons I'm writing too, that's why I gave you the address!
See you, Praveen!
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