Most of the things here I don't understand because of the music, thanks for helping.



At 0:00 __1 word?__ Omg _2 words____ coming

On the second gap she said – he is coming?

At 0:21 around the boardwalk ______ (it's amazing)

At 0:55 Let's go, let's _2 word____ up

Part 2


At 0:53 it's because I come to ____ all the city.

At 0:59-1:02 It's very hot __one short unclear sentence_________

At 1:13 it is built more… ________________ quality, right?

What the interview replying her please?

At 1:24 ___2 words____ talking?

At 1:37 and _____ fantastic

Maybe she said "it's just fantastic?"

Part 3


At 0:00 _1 word___ Inokim

At 0:03 you actually came ______ is a real _______

Few words here

At 0:10 Oh my gosh __2 words____ cool?

At 0:54 She asks him a question, can you understand anything?

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