I guess I don't understand the parts where they talking fast, new words I'm not familiar with.

It's really short few words here and there... thanks a lot for helping.


At 0:03 thousands of _1 word___ beta testers

Is it "true"?

At 0:27 _1 word_____ elbow

At 2:05 show you some _2 words____ users

At 2:25 is it supposed to _1 word?

Is it "tilt"?

At 2:35-2:37 different now? _3-4 words_____

I hear something like: or it's still…?

At 2:37 ___________

I can't understand the few words she said.

At 2:40-2:43 ___________

She said - It's prior on the 4 towards 3.5?

At 2:44 Let's see if we _1-2 words____ even lower than that _1 word____ 3-4

The first gap I can't understand, on the second gap he said "about"?


At 0:03
thousands of thrilled beta testers

At 0:27
trumpet elbow

At 2:05
show you some stoked[?] Kailo users

At 2:25
is it supposed to tingle

At 2:35-2:37
Is it any different now? Or just still the same?

At 2:37
seems like witchcraft

At 2:40-2:43
it's probably around four towards three and a half

At 2:44
wanna see if we can get it even lower than that, about three or four


Thanks so much for this help