Some more unclear words from the same video, thanks for helping.


At 3:25 this is where I don't feel __1 word____ so

Is it "numb"?

At 3:35-37 jump right now __few unclear words here_____

At 3:40 That's __few unclear words____ my hands.

I can't understand it... at all

At 3:49-3:52 __few unclear words____

I can't understand the beginning of what he said...
In the end of line maybe he said "Get that"?

At 4:47 I hope you've __1 word___ Kailo today


At 3:25
it is weird ... I don't feel it now

At 3:35-37
that's nuts, I feel like I could jump right now, and I just tore this ACL

At 3:40
that's so weird, I mean I feel my head's not hurting any more ... so weird

At 3:49-3:52
I'll be darned ... look at that

At 4:47
I hope you back[?] Kailo today