1) What's the oldest piece of furniture in the world?

2)Where do vampires live?

3)What do you call a shark with a rocket launcher??

good luck!
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these sound more like jokes to me, but the shark answer is "what ever he tells you to" ive heard taht one =)
heheh good job Tide! Emotion: smile but let me give u some clues for the 1st one;

1 times 2 = 1

1 times 3 = 1



4 times 1= 4

4 times 2= 8



9 times 8 = 72

9 times 9 = 81

and for the 2nd one----think of the important buildings in America..
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Vampires don't live... they're dead
heheh a different point of view but the answer would beVAMPIRE STATE BUILDING.. anyway Emotion: big smile
the the third one is it a times table
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where is the anwers?!?!
1) Multiplication table

2) Vampire State Building

3) Whatever he tells you to do
Nr.2 is funny indeed... Emotion: big smile
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