I need to shorten the following description correctly to make it fit in a form:

Watch keeping engineer officer. Please help!
Watch keeping technician?
I don't get it either. If you meant a supervising engineer, then you could use "Supervising Engineer."
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She wrote again:

Hi - sent you a question earlier but with no answer, so I'm trying again.

To fill in a form I need to shorten the expression "Watch keeping engineer officer" but would like to avoid misunderstandings.

Do you have any suggestion?
This is the problem with guest accounts! -

I checked, a Watch Keeping Engineer Officer is something a Marine Engineer might become.

I've seen it written there as just 'Watch Keeping Engineer' - Unless that's a totally different job I'd suggest using that.
what a job!
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Watch keeping Engineer is a Watch keeping officer + engineer if i'm not mistaken!

If all else fails:

Watch keeping Eng. Off. Should do it for people in the industry.