Lazy,&quick tv-show jumped in a bx.(30 letters)(bx. is an approved abbreviation of box).
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But FluidnMotion some of the letters in your sentence are used twice we just wanted a sentence that had one letter of every letter in the alphabet used once in a sentence. Anyway, that was awesome though!
hi thats not rite um none of that has an F in it!!!Emotion: thinking
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A Dictionary of Psychology | Date: 2001

pangram n. A sentence containing every letter of the alphabet, sometimes used for teaching writing or keyboard skills. The most familiar example in English is the 37-letter typists' sentence: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs. A 26-letter pangram in which each letter occurs just once is: Jump dogs! Why vex Fritz Blank QC?, but the use of personal names and abbreviations renders it imperfect, though easily memorable. The only known perfect pangram in English is: Veldt jynx grimps waqf zho buck (which means grassland wryneck causes charitable-land hybrid cattle buck to mount), and the words can all be found in large dictionaries, such as the Oxford English Dictionary (unabridged): veldt is open grassland in South Africa, a jynx is a wryneck bird, to grimp is to cause something or someone to mount, waqf is land given to a religious institution for charitable purposes in Islamic countries, a zho is a hybrid bovine animal bred from a yak bull and a common cow, and a buck is a male member of a species.[From Greek pan all + gramma a letter]
How about:

Zing, vext cwm fly jabs Kurd qoph.

"vext" alternate past tense of "vex"
"cwm" a glacier-carved valley
"qoph" a letter of the Hebrew alphabet
where is "f"
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jackdaws love my sphinx oF quartz.

it has a "f"

but no b or g
actually one would be. . .

"A dog walked through a fat lazy docter holding an x-ray",bellowed Brittany Jamps, who sat next to Victornay Qucikster.
there is no t
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doctor through sat next
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