He was hacked to death.
He was knifed to death.
He was shot (to) death.

What difference does "to" make in the third sentence? Is "to" wrong here? Thanks.
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Perhaps, he was shot multiple times until he was dead. 'Shot and killed' could be just one shot.
N2g, "shot and killed" is fine, but I just wanted to know if "shot to dead" is correct. Thanks anyway.
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Shot to dead is wrong, as far as I know. Shot to death is correct and I have explained the meaning.
N2g, sorry, I made another careless mistake. In fact, I was talking about "shot to death". (See my original post) Thanks.

"Shot death" (without "to") is also correct, as far as I know. But why? Why "hacked death" is not correct like "shot death? This is quite puzzling!!
Are you sure it's not shot deaD?

Check this out:
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No. I am confused. "Shot dead", "shot to death" and "shot death" each has got thousands of hits on the google search.
there are a lot of non-native sites on the Internet. So, Google general results are not reliable. Try to use Google Books. Maybe a native speaker can help you. I've told you what I know.
Thanks N2g
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