The question says it all. I'd like to know your opinions. (Just a forewarning, I'll be using the bible to argue you, Sorry if that displeases anyone, but I'm not forcing you to read anything.) Freedom of press... and whatnot.
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OK-- I'll bite: why shouldn't they?
Welllll, you can use the Bible and I'll use Descartes.

(and Mr. Micawber):

Why the @$#* not?!

And you won't sway anyone unless you have a direct quotation from the Bible that says something like, And so Peter proclaimed, "Barren women shall not have sex!"
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yeah, so will i...

here's my take on that.

people during biblical times had no clinical basis define of "barren". all they know is that they may try and try and try and try and try, but no pregnancy. but they keep trying. you must have sex in order to get pregnant, right?

so who was that lady in the bible who got pregnant and gave birth to a child in her old age? did everyone else not think she was barren before she finally got pregnant? and if they thought she indeed was barren, why did they allow her to keep having sex?

i'm curious... why did you introduce this topic?

does the bible forbid creatures created in God's image from being "fruitful" and "multiplying"?

may i ask which bible will you be using to argue from?

you must be catholic. I would not see any reason why not, except if you were a strongly relegious catholic maybe.

It cannot be denied that the basic purpose of sex is procreation, but it is not its sole purpose. The basic purpose of eating is to sustain life, but that does not mean that we should not enjoy food.
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How "allowed"?

Who is in charge of giving or not giving permission for that?
I know this stems from the discussion about homosexuality, but following up on what Elena said, I need some clarification. Are you asking if it is immoral to have sex if you're infertile, or if it should be illegal?
I suppose if you were barren, and you knew that you were prohibited from having sex, it might make the sex itself more enjoyable.

For instance, you might have to fornicate in unusual places, to avoid detection: basements, stationery cupboards, the changing rooms in clothes shops.

So yes, let's do it.

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