Please, explain the following sentences,their meaning and when such sentences are used.

1, He should be playing cricket.

2, The aeroplane should be landing now.

3, I should not be dating any one at all.

Please, write me back as soon as possible.I am confused about this usage of "should".

Waiting for ur quick reply

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First of all,it mentions an activity continouning in the future or present....

But I think İt is the same with a single use of ""should+V1" as

we use --will+be+verbing--- because I think there is a little or any difference between the uses of

will future and will+be+ verbing......................................
Hello, Rachid, here is how I understand those sentences:

1, He should be playing cricket. A:"Where's Tom?" / B: "In his room, sleeping" / A: "What? He should be playing cricket! [but he's not] They're all waiting for him!"

2, The aeroplane should be landing now. A:"What time is it? " / B:" 12.30" / A: "Ah! their aeroplane should be landing now."

3, I should not be dating any one at all A:"how come you're having a date with X. tonight? Aren't you going into that monastry in a few days?" / B: "yeah, well, I know, I shouldn't be dating anyone at all... But it's so hard to resist!"

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of course, excellent
i got it ty
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Is 'i should be dieting' grammatically right or should it be' i should be on diet' or 'i should be on dieting'? Emotion: rolleyes

So, using the bare infinitive progressive in such contexts doesn't refer to the future?

And when we analysis it... we look at it regarding the implication not the grammmar structure?

Thank you. .

We should rise above the painful of opposite.

Plz explain

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