Maybe the grammar experts amongst you could help answer this:

I have heard 3 conflicting views as to which of the following is 'correct' English (if one even is, as the third view offered was that neither was wrong)

1. I would be grateful if you could.........

2. I should be grateful if you would.......

The context here is to be deemed irrelevant, as my question relates to the interchangeability of the two, and whether or not one is more gramatically correct than the other.

My gut feeling is that despite many people using the first one colloquially, gramatically the second is 'more correct' Emotion: tongue tied


I'd agree that both are fine. Should/shall seems to be commoner in BrE, though it does give an impression of 'formality', esp. in spoken English – except in set expressions such as 'I should think so', 'I should say!', etc.

My opinion, Rich, is that both are fine, and that #2 is now rather stilted (or at least very formal) since the 1st person 'shall/should' is almost unused. BrE may well differ in that. The 'would' and 'could' to me are just two options of courtesy.
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