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It goes without saying that sex education makes a substantial contribution to the comprehensive development of individuals. However, whether this topic should be profoundly discussed in secondary school lessons has caused a resource of controversy. In my opinion, children, especially in middle schools, had better be educated about sex as soon as possible.

To begin with, the time spent in middle schools is definitely ideal for gender education as most children tend to reach puberty during this period. They will undergo a great transformation in psychological and physiological health as well as physical appearance. Nevertheless, there are many students who are, in fact, ignorant of those changes, which in turn creates unexpected confusion and panic. Even the natural sexual desire caused by hormonal alterations might bring up a sense of guilt. In order to avoid improper discovery, by implication, access to pornography which is offensive or immoral, sex education should be an indispensable subject in secondary curriculum. This will significantly reduce the risk of students suffering from deviant development in the perception of gender and sexuality.

Moreover, adolescents are also very susceptible to any kinds of sexual harassment, which can lead to everlasting obsession in their entire lives. Fortunately, gender education is such a remedy for this issue. It equips teenagers with in-depth knowledge about contraception, self-protection from perverts, etc. As a result, the rate of youngsters being sexually assaulted and then encountering unintended pregnancy or serious mental harm can be decreased.

Another reason for my perspective is that middle schools provide a perfect time for complete personality development since adolescents are under a massive change in psychology. Therefore, teachers should leap at this opportunity to educate students to respect all types of gender. This educational process will gradually generate equality between boys and girls. On the contrary, female students in underdeveloped countries, for instance, often puts up with much poorer condition compared to the male. Thanks to sex education, students are trained to be sympathetic people by accepting and supporting individuals from the LGBTQ community, pooling to the elimination of homophobia.

In conclusion, I believe that it is unreasonable to impose a ban on sex education in secondary schools. Only by making it possible for students to be exposed to sex education at a young age can we create a healthy sexual environment.

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