I mean this:

For example; we believe in God.
We choosed a religion. God ordered somethings.
God told us to be a good man, to help people inneed, to pray etc

Should we interrogate those orders?
or we should just accept it?

What do you think?
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[F] salam mister Saltukhan

first of all I believe in God "Allah" thank Allah.secondally I strongly believe that we should interrograte ,because you are the person who would make the choise to believe or not.believing inGod is such a wonderful thing it is a relationship between the person and his /her creator.
salam miss muslimflower

i dont mean the existance of God ( Allah).

I mean God's orders.

Should we interrogate God's orders?

and not only for islam

i ask this question according to all religions.
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The word 'interrogate' makes a response difficult. Usually we use 'question' or maybe examine.

I think you need to question whether you believe the orders or commands are truly from God. If you accept that they are from God, why would you question God's motivation or reasoning? Just like a child is in no position to question his parents' orders which are not random but for the child's health and well-being.
Thank you for correction Old Man Gordon

I agree you.
But there are 2 kind of idea about situation.

Some people are rasionalists.
They think they can question everything.
Actually they believe that they have to question everything.

Children must follow the rules of their parents. Thats right also.

But there is also another phenomenon, freedom.

If we accept the God's orders and follow them, does it mean God breaks our freedom?
That's a good question, Saltukhan.

The balance between being a servant to God and using your freedom is a difficult balance to achieve. I believe that if we obey God because we love Him, it's different from obeying blindly or from obeying out of fear.

Are you married? If you are, you can see how giving up what you want is a way of giving up your freedom, but it is also a way to show your spouse your love.
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Old Man Gordon

Good explanation

But i think if we obey God believe in God, we shouldn't question things about God.

If we believe in God, that means God is perfect.

So, perfect is not open to question and examine.

We don't question our boss's orders in a work place, we just follow his/her orders.
I completely agree.

We just have to be sure that the orders come from the boss.

What do you think of the exmple in the Christian/Jewish Bible of Jacob, who wrestled with God? Does that apply to your question? If you're not familiar with the story, it can be found in Genesis 32. www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%2032
Sometimes to obey is not as bad as you think, it would make things convenient. I guess you're cautious about your freedom, and think it a precious thing. But what can you do with your freedom? Maybe not as many things as you think. So my opinion is freedom is not as precious as one would think.

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