What’s even worse is that Blizzard claims they take a strong stance against hackers?and support all its online game titles? but clearly, the Starcraft ladder suggests otherwise. In fact, battle.net’s ladder section doesn’t even mention Starcraft as having a ladder, so apparently, Blizzard doesn’t even recognize that the game has or had one. And they have the nerve to release a patch that adds in features to the game that should of shipped with release. Oh wow, I can ping the mini-map! Oh look! I can actually set rally points with the mouse, instead of hitting R. Wowzors, my productivity has increased .05% ! Boxor watch out! How about fixing the fucking ladder so we can actually play the game instead? Or maybe a patch that allows the AMM system? I mean, would that even require any real work besides cut & pasting it from War3’s Bnet code?

Haha, yeah thats a pretty funny typo. Warcraft battlechess would of made a pretty neat game too.

Is "of" equal to "have" here?
It seems the confusion is with how "should have" would pronounce in a relaxed way of speaking : something like "should've" which almost sounds like "should of".
But as for how it has to write, it definitely has to be "should have". Same with "would have".
Yes, they don't know grammar.
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Marius HancuYes, they don't know grammar.
And, they are phonetic spellers. Emotion: wink This problem is best solved by reading good literature or commentary.

Have a good day, all.
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You can also meet them undre the form of "Shoulda, coulda, woulda".