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We're talking about totally disparate topics in different aspects.
C;a;n wrote:

but I suppose that either I'm unable to understand how people can think of being dead before they die or they've been resurrected.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand your statement.

People have to think about being dead before they die. After they die, there is no question about thinking about dying or anything else.

As for the Resurrection, I don't understand it either. No one has ever been resurrected, so no one can't tell what's like.
C;a;n wrote:

I think people who are born handicapped do not possess the ability of feeling how better life they would have if they were normal

But the ones who were not born hadicapped, know. You can google Ramón Sampedro (he had an accident at twenty; spent the rest of his life paralyzed from neck down; finally he killed himself, with some help from his friends. He looked on death as a welcome friend. He was denied it for thirty years.). Finally he got his wish.

C;a;n wrote:

I mean what we call suffering is just what we're not accostumed to.

I don't think anyone can get used to suffering. You can google too Stephen Hawkins and see his opinions on this subject, if you don't trust mine.

C;a;n wrote:

It's how they were created and it's not our business to decide whether they should live.

You're right here. It's not our business. It's their's, and there shouldn't be any interference.

C;a;n wrote:

It's so sad, but unfortunately indispensible

I don't understand what this means, I'm sorry.

What is indispensable for whom?

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First you should carefully read what I wrote. I mentioned about people who were BORN handicapped, then you gave me two different person who became handicapped after an incident. They both were physically and mentally normal when they were born. Therefore I mentioned about indispensableness for inherent disability, perhaps you didn't understand because of misspelling, sorry about that. You should now perceive what I meant by getting accustomed to suffering. They didn't get used to it, suffering is what we interpret after such exception even though they may not know about how we live and sorrow we face...

As for people who supposedly think about death whose possible reasoning is completely arbitrary and dependingly feigned, they should know that thinking about death, god, or likewise is not statable. For instance, we can say neither death is better than living nor life is worth living as a statement. In short, I never deny whatever you say about death unless you make a precise statement.

In addition, I've never seen anybody resurrected either, but I don't say nobody has ever been resurrected...

I agree with everything that you have said.


I agree with everything that you have said.


I don't.

I know perfectly all right that if I am ever to suffer from progressive paralysis or alzheimer I want to be

given a pill and put to sleep as soon as possible. That's what we do with our beloved pets when they are terminally ill. I claim the same right.

I won't drag my children through years of suffering and desperation and I know that the only end available for many illness is death. And, after all, no one lives forever.

What does it matter if you die one year before or after? Sure, your family will be in pain, but they would be in pain anyway

sooner or later.

I want to spare my children the pain of watching their mother deteriorate till she is no more than a vegetable.

That is my decision, and no one should interfere with it. No one, but no one, has any right to impose on me his creed, his beliefs, whatever they are.

My body is my own.

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Alexa, I know you read what I wrote, but the reason why I used capital letters for "born" was because I wanted you to understand that it's totally different aspect if you're talking about the people who become paralyzed after a while. So do not get what I said wrong.
Once again, I actually do not like sending posts about the same thing over and over but since Sara has misconstrued what I meant, here it is: As I said in the previous comments, there were merely two different topics I had referred to. One was about suicide which doesn't concern us here, and the other one was about the possibility that people may not know about how you would suffer under a circumstance. To not agree with it, you should agree with the topic as if you understand it. I'm not being rude, and I've infinite respect toward your thoughts.
Thank you for your input.

You are an exemplary human being,

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I haven't misconstrued any single word you wrote.

I have stated my own opinion about my own life. With all due respect for your own opinion about your own life

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