If there are some Chinese here, what do you think?
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What do the Taiwanese think? The Chinese should honour their wishes. Can you educate me a little about their history of the split.
you guys sooo intereted in politics ?hmmmmm,everyone has his own opinion ,politics always cuz bitter,that is NOT we can figure out ,why not change another subjects?[:^)]
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I don't agree that this should be allowed to say in such a forum.
It's just identical with: Should Hawaii be part of America?
You may not allow me to say like that, won't you?
I strongly recommend the moderator do something with that.
This is what people concerned should decide not outsiders.
TaiWan is a province(or state) of China, no one can change the truth.
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What about the people of Taiwan?
They don't want to be part of China.
They aren't really part of China.
Colonies are a thing of the past!
Isn't China big enough and mature enough to let go?
Heck, Spain let go of her colonies, Britain let go of hers.
Communists always complain about imerialists, but they have two faces! How about some ethics and maturity!
As far as I know, this is the general history of the 2...I could be wrong, so don't think I'm the definitive source on this; my history sucks.

When the communist party took over in 1949 (I think that was the year), the former government of China, which was basically democratic, was forced from the mainland, and it set up the Republic of China, also called Taiwan.

I'm politically neutral, so I don't have an interest in either side, really. I'd prefer to see people happy wherever they live.

Can somebody correct my history there, since it's probably WAY off?
Who said people in Taiwan don't want to be part of China? Young Taiwanese were taught in the school to be hostile towards China. They are brainwashed and know nothing. Just after Taiwan was alone, its people longed for reunion with China. Only now... the old ones had passed away... and the young brainwashed ones do what they think is 'correct'...

Anonymous guest, I strongly recommend to you to read more history books regarding the identity between China and Taiwan. Taiwan was no colony of China. China and Taiwan were one country since China was ruled as a whole in the monarchy years. The Chinese in mainland China see Taiwanese as people of one family in the past as well as now. Even since Jiang (the democratic leader of china, was later defeated by the communist lead by Mao) fled to Taiwan and cut off the tie with mainland china, many families have been divided.. the harddship is there! That's not colonization.

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