First Draft !

Should We Ban Cars at KFUPM

In our university , most of students have cars . However,some people think that we must ban cars in university because the huge number of accidents at KFUPM.Otherwise ,overwhelming majority think we should not ban cars . This essay will look at some of the arguments foe and against ban cars .

There are many reasons why should we ban cars at KFUPM .First of all, carbon dioxide which is production from cars is the main cause of pollution in the world. In university more than a thousands cars in local area so that means it will be concentrated carbon dioxide and it will effects on enviorments . Another point is that activation public transportation at KFUPM . Ban cars at KFUPM will increase users of buses in university .Also, will organize movement of streets inside campus .Furthermore ,

On the other hand , there are several reasons why university should not ban car .First of all, make movement around campus is difficult . Cars at KFUPM for students considered from basic things . Furthermore, ban cars make a havoc especially at bus station . If the university ban cars at KFUPM then main transport is buses and it is not enough for all students . Last but not least , breakdown student jobs . Ban cars will effect on a numerous of student because there will not able to go outside campus any time .

There are many arguments both for and against ban cars at KFUPM .After looking at both sides of the arguments I believe that we can not ban cars on students because the cars the important transport for student .
waiting anyone to correct if there is any mistake !

Surely car fumes are a bigger risk to health than cigarette smoke. In my humble opinion not banning cars in city centers shows there is a double standard when peoples health is concerned, and this is without considering the amount of pedestrian/driver deaths on our roads.