how do you think about a woman be president of a country? i want to know your view.
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I wonder why a woman shouldn't be president of a country.
Here's a list of women who were or still are in charge of a country during the last 65 years.

Do we have any reason to state they were/are not as good as men presidents? Emotion: thinking
And, if so, can we say that the reason for their being worse than men presidents was the very fact that they were/are women? Emotion: hmm
Double Yellow,

Women should be eligible for any political office, including president, and they should be allowed to carry guns and have all other rights, except voting.

Why not voting?  Because there are exceptional women who make great leaders, but on average, women make decisions based on sentiment rather than reason.   Bad politicians are able to get elected by manipulating female sentiment.

I work in a law office that does a lot of divorces, and I see that women on average are less rational than men.  Short term, women can be trusted not to do dangerous things -- which is why they can be trusted with guns.  However, long term decisions like decisions about what to do with the family property, with the children, who to vote for president, are ON AVERAGE (with many exceptions of course) worse than men's long term decisions.

Women are empiricists (short term thinkers) -- they deal with HERE AND NOW.  So a woman sees a hungry pigeon on the street and they feed it.  But if you feed the hungry pigeon, soon you'll have too many pigeons.  A man who is a rationalist (long term thinker) would understand this, and say, "Let the pigeon find some other source of food, not here, because it will not be good to have flocks of pigeons living here."
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From your point of view, i feel you consider that it is not good for woman to be a president of a country.
y not women r da best.......Emotion: stick out tongue
desperado lawbreakery not women r da best..

Please use proper English. Thanks.
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Well, democracy is too manipulated anyway.  I think a woman can be president, but I question the whole idea of democracy.  In America, democracy is a sham..  The 2 party system is actually a single party dictatorship.  They are 2 parties in name only.  Presidential elections are just a show they put on like any TV show or the Super Bowl.

I think Singapore has a good political system.  Lee Kuan Yew is the only truly great, historical figure, that has lived in the past 40 years.  He founded a whole country on a new model and made it work.  The Western media is jealous of LKY because Singapore is probably the most progressive, most free, most advanced country on earth. 

The Men and Women question is a complex problem.  It is something that needs to be balanced, but in an unnatural technological world, things are out of balance.
in fact, i really don't know what you said.
Double Yellow,

Do you think a country of mostly unintelligent people should have full democracy?  That is, should stupid people be allowed to vote?

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