Suppose there is a student sitting at the extreme right end of a bench, causing to be seated very closely to another student sitting at extreme left end in the adjoining bench.

Can I say "Shove yourself to the right end".

"Slide yourself up to the right end"

Are these sentences correct?

Is there any other way to state that.


"Shove" is exceedingly rude.

Can you slide over a little bit?
Can you move a bit from the edge?

Liton DasAre these sentences correct?

Which student is saying it? Why does he have to move to the end? Why can't he just move a foot or so?

Anyway, "shove yourself to" and "slide yourself up to" are not natural in my US dialect. You can say "shove over", meaning to move sideways to make room. "Shove over" is brusque except among friends.

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During covid 19 every student in a class must sit diagonally and at opposite ends of bench of each other in order to maintain social distance so when they break this rule, as a teacher I have to say that.

Please I need help in these sentences to find out whether they are transitive verb or intransitive verb.

1. Nisha plays Ludo/Chess.

2. I love watching horror movies.

3. Tarun seems angry.

4. Shaan wrote an application to the principal yesterday.

5. Mother is cooking lunch.

What I assume

1. Intransitive.

2. Transitive.

3. Intransitive.

4. Transitive.

5. Transitive.

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