If I choose "shows" is it right?

"I am sure that this ____ how the girls perform in the subject."

a. influences

b. shows

c. presents

d. competes.

You are right.

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Shows is right, but it's very rude. I think you should add an another word: Memories It reminds me all of my blond chilhood with my friends ., play Bang, bang all days long, go to the theatre all nights. And the only thing I remember all my life it's the nice character of our brother. He defended us from the couvent's beauty queens when they asked him to punish us because we imitated them with irony to speak foreign languages. And as the result , we can't speak English well and should to learn English on line . And it's the destiny, How wonderful I nternet is!I 've never imagined He is your brother, the melancholy man, the king of tango that my children follow him and can chasse tango like Clive's picture though they live near the forest. And may be One another brother is my brother because he was the most intelligent in our domain. Oh! Miraculous Web, I have an another poem , it's my great effort to put rythme and rhythme, I'll try to post it.I've never imagined our brother is a lawyer, so I didn't recognize him.

Phuong Ninh
PhuongninhbaoShows is right, but it's very rude. I think you should add an another word: Phuong Ninh

Shows is perfectly fine to use in the sentence....it's not rude at all.
You're so severe. It reminds me of my teachers They only help me to remember something that I have never thought for a long time.I'm the only one who has mistakes in this show because I don't know anything, I don't recognize anybody so they are next to me.But it's not my fault. Things have changed a lot today. The girls are nice,they always give a deep impression in all my life.

Phuong ninh
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