I googled the phrase "the state shows great concern for" and there were three types of prepositions used after "concern",--for/over/with. So please kindly explain the subtle differences between them. Thanks very much!

Sentences with three different preps:

1. Wrap-up: China shows great concern over earthquake-hit Indonesia.

2. Amnesty shows Great Concern with Retreated Human Rights in South Korea under the Lee Myungbak Government

3. State Shows Concern For Environmental Issues

It's best to give other different examples, if available.


Xin Yan

A few random thoughts:

"over" seems to be a general-purpose choice (as is "about", which you don't mention). Both these words would work in all three of your examples.

"for" seems particularly suitable when talking about something that needs caring for: "concern for the refugees"; "concern for the environment".

"with" is usually a poorer choice in my opinion. To me it has a "couldn't be bothered to think of a better preposition" feel to it. (I am talking about its use in exactly the context you ask about -- "show great concern with" -- not all uses with the word "concern".) Other people may not feel the same.
anyone help me ?
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Really thanks.